5 Tips to Plan Your Wedding Without Losing Your Mind

Plan Your Wedding

Wedding, whether it’s an intimate affair or a big fat extravaganza, is often the most important and in fact, the most stressful event of one’s life. While as a bride you can be as prepared as you possibly want to be, but there will be still many details that will keep bogging you to the last minute. However, you can save yourself from this unwanted trouble simply by adhering to these simple-to-follow tips!

  1. Have Clarity of Thought

Right from day one of the planning, make sure you’re clear on what you want and what are the things you can skip. If you’re planning to hire a wedding planner then the task will be much easier, but even if you don’t wish to do that having visual representations in the form of pictures will help your vendors do the job just right!

  1. Put Entertainment First

More often than not, Indian weddings tend to be pulled down by the weight of rituals. While we do not deny the vitality of each ceremony, what we wish to propose is make sure each of your functions has that perfect dose of entertainment that keeps your friends and relatives hooked. While it will add an inexplicable charm to the wedding, it will also ensure that you have your fair share of fun during the planning stages.

  1. Find Time For Your Partner

For anyone who’s even remotely related to organising a wedding, getting a little too consumed in the process is but natural. However, since your courtship days are never coming back again, make sure you make the most of them. Don’t miss out on those casual outings and date nights with your partner. After all, the more you both enjoy your pre-wedding days, the more fun you’re bound to have on your D-Day.

  1. Give Yourself Ample Time

Again, don’t simply get lost in the preparations. This is a vital phase of your life, and no matter how much work you have on your hands, it is important to pamper yourself, Right from getting your beauty sleep to making it to your salon appointments, and even having a fun time with your friends every now and then, make sure to do it all!

  1. Delegate

As a modern day bride, it is very convenient for you to think that you’ve got it all, and you don’t need anyone’s help. However, you must remember, that during the final days of the wedding ceremonies, you will be busy doing the rituals and enjoying your heart out. Hence, it is best to delegate responsibilities beforehand. Not only will it help you enjoy your wedding in the most stress-free manner possible, but it will also help your loved ones revel in that much-desired sense of belongingness!

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know how to plan your wedding without breaking a sweat, go out there and have fun while the counting down to your big day!

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