What To Do If It Rains On Your Wedding Day?

When we speak of rains on a wedding day, we aren’t speaking of the months spanning June to August, when this is rather expected, but of the other 9 months of the year, when you’re almost too sure that the Rain Gods are on a long vacation! While it isn’t always possible to have an indoor wedding, one can always be a little prepared in case the worst happens. So, here are some tips on what to do and how!

  • Have a Plan B. Always.

To begin with, you must ensure that you have an alternate plan. While making surrogate arrangements might not be possible for your friends and family, your event manager can always have it planned out and executed almost flawlessly. After all, event managers are the backbone of any modern day wedding. Right from having a readily installable water shade, to shifting the arrangements in an indoor setting, whatever might seem as the best recourse must be on the card, well in advance.

  • Have a Makeup Artist on Your Side

For all you know, even a few drops of those catastrophic water drops can lead to frizzy looking hair and droopy makeup. Now that is something you simply cannot afford to put up with on your wedding day!  Hence, it will prove to be more than just a boon to have your make-up artist, or at least your hair stylist right there at the venue. In the case of any unexpected pouring, you will need their help to keep your face and ensemble looking as pretty as you’d imagined.

  • Ensure Flexible Timings

Make sure your family is not too stringent with the schedule of events. In most cases, rains during otherwise dry seasons subside faster than we imagine. Simply waiting for about 30 to 45 minutes can almost always save the day! And yes, don’t be too worried about the guests! After all, most of them have already cleared their schedules to be a part of your celebrations! For all you know, in cases like these, patience does pay off, and quite well, if we might say so!

  • Discuss This With Your Photographer

As unwanted as this whole scenario might sound, if it does come to it, you will have some astounding photo-ops. Hence, don’t shy away from bringing this up during your discussions with the photography team. Let them know, that in such a situation, you would love them to click some candid pictures. If need be, ask them to come prepared with protective gear for their cameras!

So, don’t be worried anymore. Just have some faith in your stars, and be prepared to enjoy your D-Day to the fullest!

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