Weddings: It is the Details that Matter

When it comes to a wedding, you can plan all you want and yet you will find that you have missed out on something.  The pressure and expectations that go into planning your big day can be overwhelming. Having to juggle between the tasks of contacting people and dealing with logistics, it is not surprising why many people miss out or forget certain details. Prevent yourself from falling into this category by making a to-do list that includes all there is to do and know for your special day.

Don’t let the Rain, Rain on Your Parade

Weather conditions can be unpredictable and the last thing you want is for it to rain and create a ruckus. So make sure you have a rain plan set up and ready should the rain gods decide to show up out of the blue.

Getting your Wedding Party from the Ceremony to the Reception

Make sure you have enough time in between the ceremony and the reception so that guests and your entourage get enough time to prep up. Make sure you have travel sorted for the guests to reach your reception venue, particularly if the ride is long.

Organizing Lighting for the Band

If you have a band playing at your reception, you need to make sure that the venue has enough adequate lighting. Most wedding venues do not come with in-house lighting so you will need to handle and look over this aspect as well.

Review any Printed Materials

It would be a nightmare to realize that your own name has been spelled incorrectly on the wedding program. So be careful about any printed materials and make sure all of the facts and details are mentioned correctly on them. These include place cards, table menus, and thank-you notes too.

Prepare a Vote of Thanks

It is important to thank your guests and throw in a special word of appreciation for your family and close ones. Make sure you prepare your speech well, even if it lasts for a few seconds. It will prevent you from stuttering and stammering in front of the crowd.

Be Prepared for Last Minute Setbacks

Nothing goes as expected, even if you make elaborate plans to ensure this true. So be flexible, do not break down when things don’t go exactly your way. Don’t live in fear that something will go wrong, just be prepared to roll with the punches and things will eventually work out well, if not as you expected.

Yes, wedding planning is a full-time job but as long as you got most of the things covered, you are good to go. If you find that all of these details are too much to handle, you can opt for the best wedding planners in India who will take care of the hard work for you. Olivestreet is one such wedding planner in India that ensures everything goes according to plan and even if it doesn’t, there is a backup plan that works just as seamlessly.

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