Your Quest for the Right Wedding Planner & Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer is unlike any other aspect of the wedding planning process. You cannot touch, smell, taste or initially see the photographs. All you can rely on is your research prowess and being selective when it comes to choosing the right photographer. If you contact destination wedding planners in Lucknow, you may get a photographer with the entire wedding package itself but it is important to see if his/her professional skill, artistic style and attention to detail is just right for you. Here are a few aspects you can look out for so that shortlisting the right photographer becomes much easier and hassle-free.

Do Your Homework Well
Search the net, google up some reviews and get in touch with people, especially newlyweds, to get access to the names of some of the best photographers in your vicinity. Check out the photographer’s website, official blog or even Facebook or Instagram photos that are put up on display. You can accordingly judge if s/he is the right one for you. Don’t forget to check for feedback from clients too.

Opt for the Style you Want
Choosing the perfect style for your wedding helps you narrow down your search for the right photographer. So think about what you want, whether you like candid pictures, classic portraits, fine art photography that gives you dramatic and artistic pictures or whether you want to go in for something edgy and bold. Take your pick from these styles or you can even choose from a combination of these. Check if your chosen photographer is comfortable capturing such kind of shots for you.

Schedule an Interview
You cannot really decide on a photographer merely on the basis of his/her previous work. A face-to-face consultation is required. Make sure you schedule an interview where you can talk about what photos you liked on their site, whether they are available on the wedding day and the fees they charge among other things.

Consult with your Photographer
If you want particularly artistic photos, your photographer will need adequate time to capture the perfect shot. Make sure you allow plenty of time for the formal family and friends group photographs. Discuss with your photographer the time duration that is required to ace the perfect shot.

Spend time with the Photographer
It is important for both your personalities to amalgamate. So make sure you visit your photographer once or twice before the big day. If the photographer gets to know you well, they get emotionally invested in the day and will move heaven and earth to make sure they get the right moments captured. After all, there’s a reason why your photographers are known as one of the most important guests at your wedding.

So when all the deeds of the day are done, all you will have is great photographs in the form of memories that will last you a lifetime. Olivestree is a superlative wedding planner in Lucknow, and you can be certain that this wedding photographer is the best you will find when it comes to making your most memorable day unique, enjoyable, tension-free and fun.

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