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Olivestree Wedding Decor is your answer to all-inclusive, stress-free wedding decor. We will work with you, bringing your vision to life beautifully, through custom palettes and personalized wedding design. You choose your colours and theme and Olivestree Wedding Decor will provide gorgeous reception decor in a true value bundle. Gorgeous and completely custom, their reception decor packages let you enjoy convenience and tremendous savings. Olivestree Events & Designs doesn't only specialise in weddings but it also offers its services for many other social events and special occasions. Be it a corporate party, a gala dinner or a simple birthday party, the team has experience in organising them all.

Olivestree Events & Designs is a renowned event management and wedding planning business based in Lucknow, Goa and Rajasthan. Our team is passionate about what we do and that'll make sure your wedding day turns out to be a beautiful event. We want you to celebrate the biggest day of your life surrounded by everything you love; from personalized wedding stationery to gorgeous chandeliers, we assure to cause you zero stress and turn this process into a fun-filled journey. With a passion for creating breathtaking events, Olives provides our clients with the highest quality of wedding service. Our work has been featured in several magazines and popular wedding blogs. Olovestree has also had the honour of speaking at industry functions about event design, decor trends, planning, and more. From floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, any space can be transformed to create a truly extraordinary event.

As a fully integrated event design firm, Olivestree Designs works closely with you to create an incredibly designed event that tells your unique love story. The Olivestree team of in-house and freelance floral designers, stationery artists, and lighting designers, as well as luxury linen and furniture rentals from around the world, guarantee that Olivestree is uniquely poised to curate and compose an event like no other for you.