The Ummed Jodhpur

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The Ummed Jodhpur has 88 standard Rooms with a pool, garden and a courtyard .It has intricate blend of contemporary and traditional styles. There is also a unique complement 8 Suites, at the hotel, comprising of 4 theme suites and 4 courtyard suites, representing four colourful locations of Rajasthan - Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur.

The Ummed Jodhpur is a 21st century tribute to Marwar’s famed hospitality and architectural heritage. Set amidst 28 acres of painstakingly kept gardens and courtyards; the resort was designed by one of Indian’s most celebrated architects, Hafeez Contractor. It provides for the modern day explorer, a sanctuary to break away from the conventional and adore the romance of the bygone era. With well appointed rooms and public spaces complimented by crisp and warm service, the property offers an ever evolving and unparalleled experience for travelers.

All the pros goes without saying. It has all the good things that will be there in a 5 star hotel. So describing the normal things in a 5 star hotel will make no sense here.